Time Saving

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  1. Cut down on preparation time: no need to pre-print event passes
  2. Cut down on registration time: only 5 seconds per user, including printing of event passes.
  3. Easily import your participant list day before the event
  4. Instantly check and print who still has not sign in and who is signed in.
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Very Flexible

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  1. Unlimited signs in stations can be deployed.
  2. Support moltiple events at the same time.
  3. Easily design the event passes. Photo passes supported.
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User Friendly

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  1. Very easy to setup, learn and use
  2. Self signed can be implemented
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  1. Support participant replacement
  2. Support on-the-spot new registration
  3. Sent pre-event reminders via emails or sms
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Go Green

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  1. Passes are printed to the spot and only those who attend.
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Import Attendees Data

Broadcast Event Reminders

Attendee Sign in or Replacement

Print Event Pass

Check Attendance and Generate Report